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Ônomad, n. November 2021, ENGLISH EDITION

Ônomad, n. November 2021

The monthly journal of Franco-Korean community

BOTTARI National Burden and Citizenship Index

Hanbok opens to the world -Interview with Jennifer Malahel -... p.2-3

'HALLYU' FESTIVALS, Perspectives 'Global Soft Power'

in Paris and Provinces since 2006 ... p.4-5

BOTTARI by choreographer-dancer, KIM SUN-YOUNG

A radical gesture in search of the internal dynamics of what becomes a “trajectory” 3D reinterpretation of an oriental art by Alain a, ... p.6-7

Bottari: surprise, trade & smuggling

Bottari and Bojagi ... p.8

LA- "the Koreans of the Roof" in 1992:

Defense 'Korea town' against the black riots in Los Angeles ... p.9

S.O.U.M. International Korean Dance Festival

- Interviews with Paolo Tosini, organizer

and Chi Hyo-won, general coordinator. p.10-11


Evacuation of Afghanistan ... p.12

Demonstrations of the Chinese in Paris. Soft Power-Masks ... p.13


Citizenship, the extent to which your country can get you out of trouble abroad.

By K. Yung ... p.14-15

'Taste Jeonju' is a philosophy; it's not just about eating and there are traditional rules for eating. - Franco-Korean haute cuisine - p.16

Ônomad n. November 2021 to read all:

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