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우리나라 전국일주 

올여름 3개월간 유럽일주

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굿하며 여행비마련

    - 우리들의 나라들 -

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- 스타트업 유치하는 20개 나라들 프로그램 : EUR 50.000 

                                            Entrepreneur/Start-Up programmes de 20 pays




20 Countries Offer The STARTUP VISA

To Overseas Talented Entrepreneurs

After H-1B, the US now turns its attention to the coveted investor visa. Starting Nov. 21, in targeted employment areas (TEAs), the cost will go up from $500.000 to $900.000. 


Investor migrants may also be interested in learning about other countries that offer entrepreneur/Startup visas like the E-2 program in the U.S. :

EUR 50.000 

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- LUXEMBOURG ''Quality Investors" Programme +500k

  룩셈부르크 레지던스 프로그램- 크립토 투자이민   

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